SKIVERT... Cars, Freedom and Super Hero!

posted on 04 Oct 2014 13:39 by thetong in mywork
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ตอรี่บอร์ด 80 นาที ปึกใหญ่มาก.......มากเกินไป..... เหนื่อยยาวเลย - -
+ ตึกดึ๋งดึ่ง
งานไม่เดิน มัวแต่นั่งเล่นเกม TSUM TSUM 555 (ออกเสียงยังไง Foot in mouth)
Process of the project so smooth very well. Money mouth
Prot Summary
World Government have the Suceed System it take a peace for social and jobs for all of people, it look like a completely but..

Maybe SKIVERT has to appears for find an answer or not.
Super suits in this story call Dino Outfit (DO), all of DO use the same architecture except SKIVERT the unidentified DO.
See large images at
11/1/2014 (m/d/y)
HO~LY SHIIIIT!! forgot to get stats on last month T"T
Project S is the super hero animation, first present is the length episode in 80 minutes.

I will show the real name of Project S after trademark is pass.
You can get English info at update every weekend.
Thank you so much.